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JP-H01153678-A: Recovery of 2-chloro-6-methylaminopyridine patent, JP-H01154411-A: Manufacture of insulated wire and cable patent, JP-H01156064-A: Screen printing machine patent, JP-H01156428-A: Manufacture of steel belt patent, JP-H01156600-A: Production of highly functional sheet patent, JP-H01156966-A: Pyridadinone, triazinone and oxapyridadinone compound having lipoxygenase inhibiting effect patent, JP-H01159035-A: Reproduction of catalyst patent, JP-H01160146-A: Device and method for checking remote communication wire patent, JP-H01160334-A: Compressed assembly for stator iron core of generator, and it usage patent, JP-H01160523-A: Endoscope patent, JP-H01160854-A: High strength and wear resistant refractory castable patent, JP-H01162216-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-H01162647-A: Image reading device patent, JP-H01163023-A: Process and device for applying a free-flowing reaction mixture to form synthetic material or particularly foam material patent, JP-H01163132-A: Immunoconjugate and production thereof patent, JP-H01163270-A: Triazine compound and dyeing or printing of textile using said compound patent, JP-H01163298-A: Hair dye cleaning liquid patent, JP-H01164081-A: Magnetoresistance element patent, JP-H01164530-A: Mounting member, fastener and method for mounting plastic panel to frame patent, JP-H01164803-A: Bypass limit branch valve patent, JP-H01164894-A: Repairing of underground pipes patent, JP-H01165777-A: Silver plating solution patent, JP-H01166033-A: Photosensitive resin composition patent, JP-H01166516-A: Gas-insulated transformer patent, JP-H01168314-A: Moisture separator patent, JP-H01168735-A: Aromatic sulfide-amide polymer and its production patent, JP-H01169832-A: Heat treating method for electronic parts patent, JP-H01169841-A: Bulb transfer device for color picture tube patent, JP-H01170102-A: Microwave dielectric resonator device patent, JP-H01172071-A: Front and rear wheel steering device for car patent, JP-H01172616-A: Fluid bearing device patent, JP-H01173029-A: Positive type photoresist coating composition patent, JP-H01173945-A: Data processing system patent, JP-H01173957-A: Call signal generating device with function to monitor output grounding patent, JP-H01174343-A: Production of silage patent, JP-H01174983-A: Acceleration measuring apparatus patent, JP-H01177048-A: Data inputting device patent, JP-H01178872-A: Structure of grounding conductor for signal measuring device patent, JP-H01179634-A: Man-made gathering-place for seaweed of water-permeable concrete patent, JP-H01179871-A: Temperature expansion valve patent, JP-H01179895-A: Device for dehumidified preservation of exhaust-heat recovery heat exchanger patent, JP-H01181058-A: Ice-making chamber for refrigerating chamber and the like patent, JP-H01181088-A: Crucible furnace patent, JP-H01183064-A: Manufacture of immediate activation type lead-acid battery patent, JP-H01184035-A: Production of microencapsulated fine particle patent, JP-H01184284-A: Method for regenerating used ferric chloride etching solution patent, JP-H01185453-A: Wiring shortcircuit detector patent, JP-H01186576-A: Core semiautomatic arrangement device for multicore cable patent, JP-H01187030-A: Cultivation of flat japanese mushroom (shiitake) patent, JP-H01189926-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H01191442-A: Manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-H01191745-A: Manufacture of coiled spring having high fatigue strength by high frequency heating patent, JP-H01191841-A: Device for feeding roll film patent, JP-H01192685-A: Traffic demand detecting device for elevator patent, JP-H01193429-A: Vibration isolating device patent, JP-H01194311-A: Tap selecting switch patent, JP-H01194995-A: Biological denitrification method patent, JP-H01195828-A: Suction port body of vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H01196165-A: Solid-state image sensing device patent, JP-H01196651-A: Input/output interface for microcomputer patent, JP-H01196864-A: Solid-state image sensing device patent, JP-H01197250-A: Sensitive film conveying device patent, JP-H01197295-A: Hydraulic power unit for hydraulic elevator patent, JP-H01198898-A: Net plate for speaker system patent, JP-H01202132-A: Brushless dc motor with non-contact brake patent, JP-H01202286-A: E.coli ribonuclease h manifestation vector patent, JP-H01203369-A: Preparation of 3-(4-bromo-2-fluorophenyl)methyl-)-3,4-dihydro-4-oxo-1-phthalazine-acetic acid patent, JP-H01203896-A: Heat exchanger with super conductive turbulence promoter patent, JP-H01204539-A: Alarm signal supervising circuit patent, JP-H01205715-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-H01205858-A: Submerged nozzle for continuous casting patent, JP-H01207585-A: Bay window type washing toiletstand patent, JP-H01207675-A: Measuring instrument for balanced line patent, JP-H01207717-A: Polarizing film for liquid crystal display patent, JP-H01207799-A: Multipulse voice encoder patent, JP-H01209187-A: Biaxially oriented polyester film for thermal transfer foil patent, JP-H01210721-A: Low turbulence flame holder mount patent, JP-H01211153-A: Input/output control device patent, JP-H01212969-A: Image display device patent, JP-H01213612-A: Spacer type optical fiber cable patent, JP-H01213628-A: Optical switch patent, JP-H01214871-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, JP-H01214956-A: System for retrieving and displaying password registration patent, JP-H01216283-A: Electron beam testing device provided with electron beam positioning circuit patent, JP-H01217152-A: Hot water feeding control device for hot water heater patent, JP-H01218598-A: Production of maltotetraose patent, JP-H01220355-A: X-ray pulse ionizing device patent, JP-H01220890-A: Multilayer board patent, JP-H01222095-A: Method for coating inner surface of cylindrical tank patent, JP-H01223082-A: Rear wheel steering device for four-wheel steered vehicle patent, JP-H01224081-A: Powder coating method patent, JP-H01224824-A: Tablet type mouse patent, JP-H01225070-A: Sodium-sulfur battery patent, JP-H01225168-A: Manufacture of nonvolatile mos type memory patent, JP-H01226495-A: Positioning device for structure assembled in space patent, JP-H01227377-A: Infrared-ray heater and its manufacture patent, JP-H01227666-A: Voltage type converter patent, JP-H01227856-A: Stirling engine patent, JP-H01227977-A: Phased-array radar equipment patent, JP-H01228013-A: Disk server control system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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